The Pillow That is Actually a Sleep Aid


According to the National Institutes of Health, adults need seven to eight hours of sleep a night. Thirty percent of adults get less than six hours per night, per the National Health Interview Survey. An innovative pillow being developed by engineers on Kickstarter may just be the answer some people need to ending their sleep troubles.

ZEEQ, Smart Pillows
Photo Credit: Indiegogo Kickstarter Campaign

Zeeq is a smart pillow developed by Warrick Bell and Miguel Morello. It has eight Bluetooth speakers built into it so that you can rest and listen to music as you drift off to sleep. Because of the way it is designed, it will not disturb your partner sleeping next to you. Through the Zeeq companion smartphone app, you can set your preferred music player or use the Zeeq music in the app.

Not only does Zeeq help you fall asleep, but it also tracks your sleep patterns and reacts to snoring. The companion smartphone app for Zeeq tracks your movement during sleep to let you know how restful your sleep appeared to be and how many times you moved throughout the night. It tracks deep sleep as well. When it comes to snoring, the microphone in Zeeq detects snoring and the pillow vibrates to alert you to change positions. There is even an alarm that will vibrate at a designated time to gently wake you.

Zeeq has a rechargeable battery that lasts about a week. It is made of Tencel fabric which makes it comfortable and durable. It has a removable pillowcase and a waterproof allergy barrier pillowcase has just been developed for it. It has a been fully funded on Kickstarter and will ship, to those who invested or made pre-orders, in March 2017. Pre-orders are being accepted at

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