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Don’t Sleep On Your Issues

Are You Sleeping on the Best Mattress for Your Sleep Issues?

Can one mattress be the best mattress for everyone? Probably not. But can one company offer everyone the best mattress for their needs? Absolutely.

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Sleep has long been more important than most people realize. So many of us like to brag about the few hours of sleep we can survive on, but are we being honest with ourselves? Modern medical science has proven time and again that sleep contributes to every aspect of health and wellness. You may think your problem is that you can’t sleep, when really, your lack of sleep is the cause of your stress, irritability, problems concentrating and much more. These are things that can threaten goals, relationships and life

Do you suffer from any of the following?

  • Sleeping too much or too little?
  • Waking up in pain?
  • Tossing and turning?
  • Bed too hot or too cold?

You don’t have to know why these problems exist. You don’t have to know what mattress is right for you. Simply visit The Back Store knowing your concerns and what specifics may be contributing to those, and let us find the best mattress for sleep issues, your needs and budget.

Friends, family and unending media have surely filled your mind with lots of options for optimum sleep and comfort. Let the professionals help you wade through that information and land on a solution that promises long nights and better days.

We spend a third of our lives in bed, which makes the right mattress as important as our home and more important than our next car or vacation.

Better Sleep, Better You: Back To School Special Offer

Back To School Offer

Rem Fit Memory Foam Mattress, The Back Store

Nothing is better for a great semester than a healthy night’s sleep to fall back on. We all know studying is notorious for messing with people’s sleep cycles. Things can get spontaneous in school; you’re adjusting to a new schedule and new people. You’re going to school to better your life. We want to support that effort, from late night study sessions to graduation day. This is why we’re kicking off the Better Sleep, Better You special offer for back to school deals on mattresses, only at The Back Store.

Throughout back to school season, The Back Store will be dropping prices on mattresses of all sizes:

  • TWIN OR TWIN LONG mattresses selling for $420!
  • FULL – $500
  • QUEEN – $600
  • KING – $800

The REMFIT 200 Gel Memory Foam Mattress and our high-rise bed frames (for maximum under-bed storage) are also discounted throughout this event. REMFIT 200 mattresses cater to those who enjoy a firmer mattress. The REMFIT gel holds its shape, but also gently adjusts to the sleeper’s movements through the night. Included with this mattress is a 10 year warranty and complete Bed-N-Bag kit (Down Alternative Comforter – 3 choices of color, Performance Microfiber sheet set and 2 GEL-fiber pillows).

Buy a mattress at The Back Store during back to school season and get FREE shipping to your address!

This offer is perfect for students moving to college! If you’re not 100% confident with your first choice at The Back Store, no sleep lost! All of our mattresses come with a 90 day comfort exchange guarantee, so you are positive your mattress is a match.

You can find better sleep this season with the help of The Back Store. Who knows, you might even find a better you at the end of this semester. Connect with us on Twitter for more updates on our back to school special offer. Visit our homepage for more deals, information or a lesson in Mattress School.