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Don’t Sleep On Your Issues

Are You Sleeping on the Best Mattress for Your Sleep Issues?

Can one mattress be the best mattress for everyone? Probably not. But can one company offer everyone the best mattress for their needs? Absolutely.

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Sleep has long been more important than most people realize. So many of us like to brag about the few hours of sleep we can survive on, but are we being honest with ourselves? Modern medical science has proven time and again that sleep contributes to every aspect of health and wellness. You may think your problem is that you can’t sleep, when really, your lack of sleep is the cause of your stress, irritability, problems concentrating and much more. These are things that can threaten goals, relationships and life

Do you suffer from any of the following?

  • Sleeping too much or too little?
  • Waking up in pain?
  • Tossing and turning?
  • Bed too hot or too cold?

You don’t have to know why these problems exist. You don’t have to know what mattress is right for you. Simply visit The Back Store knowing your concerns and what specifics may be contributing to those, and let us find the best mattress for sleep issues, your needs and budget.

Friends, family and unending media have surely filled your mind with lots of options for optimum sleep and comfort. Let the professionals help you wade through that information and land on a solution that promises long nights and better days.

We spend a third of our lives in bed, which makes the right mattress as important as our home and more important than our next car or vacation.

Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Latex Mattresses

Why Should I Choose A Latex Mattress?

Mattresses are one of those necessary luxuries. We need a good night’s sleep to function during the day, and a good mattress contributes to that. So, when Stearns & Foster offers Latex Collection within their Grand Estate line, it behooves us to find out about them.

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What Are Latex Mattresses

Unlike other Stearns & Foster mattresses the Grand Estate Latex Collection has no metal springs. The luxury latex core provides responsive support without the pressure that springs often cause. This Smart Latex® foam senses your body weight and conforms to your curves, yet remains compression-resistant

Physical Benefits Of Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses feel buoyant and uplifting, and Stearns and Foster provides 4 levels of firmness for you to choose from. The Lux Estate levels are Ultra Firm, Luxury Firm, Luxury Cushion Firm, and Luxury Plush. As you may guess, the plush is for folks who need softness with their support, and the Luxury Cushion and the Luxury Firm provide less stiff surface support.

Whichever level of firmness you pick, you will always have plenty of support from your mattress. Lux Estate latex mattresses will elevate your body evenly over the bed so that all your tired muscles are relieved of pressure, and you can sleep without pressing on your shoulder or hips. In fact, some latex mattress owners report significant back pain reduction.

The firmness of latex mattresses means that they are easy to move in. You can easily shift positions or spring out of bed. They also are pretty good about keeping motion localized, meaning that your partner can roll over without disturbing you.

Stearns and Foster adds to these comfort advantages with a silk and cashmere infused surface, called PrimaCool™ Quilt with OUTLAST®. This makes the mattress cool to the touch and works throughout the night to dissipate body heat, keeping you drier and cooler.

Health Benefits Of Latex Mattress

Latex is naturally hypoallergenic. It resists fungi, bacteria, mold and mildew. It also discourages mites as it is not hospitable to them. If you have allergies, a Stearns and Foster mattress can ensure that you are safe from allergens.

Lux Estate latex mattresses naturally stay clean, and the only things you need to remember to do in order to keep it pristine is occasionally rotate the bed and vacuum the mattress.

The Back Store is proud to be the exclusive retailer of Stearns & Foster Lux Estate latex mattresses in the St. Louis area. If you need a new mattress, come see our selection.