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Debunking The Best Mattresses For Back Pain Myth

It is trite but true. You spend one-third of your life in bed. If you suffer from back pain, it just makes sense that you should pick the best mattress for back pain. Which mattress type is the best mattress for back pain?

For years, orthopedic physicians have been recommending a very firm mattress for back pain. One common remedy is to add a piece of plywood under your mattress to give it the firmness you need. Chiropractors, on the other hand, have suggested a moderately firm mattress for a good night’s sleep. Even the experts cannot agree.

For people suffering from low back pain, a recent study conducted by the Harvard Medical School seems to side with the chiropractors.  The study showed that 268 people with low back pain had the worst night’s sleep on a very firm orthopedic mattress. The Harvard study also showed that softer mattresses may let you sink in so deeply that you are in an unnatural position and still won’t get a good night’s sleep.

It appears the final answer is personal preference.  We suggest trying out different types of mattress before making your decision. Sleep on a hotel mattress.  Try out a mattress at your friend’s house.  Don’t settle for the first mattress you see at The Back Store.  Look at a variety of mattresses and brands, and try out each mattress by laying on it: on each side, on your back and on your stomach.  Our mattress experts will help you pick the perfect mattress for the way you sleep

Malouf Fine Linens — Why Buy Anything Else for Your Luxury Mattress?

It’s certainly debatable, but many believe that throwing discounted linens on a luxury mattress is a lot like the following:

  • Cloth seating on a Mercedes
  • Formica countertops with cherry oak cabinets
  • Filet mignon cooked well done
  • Wearing sneakers with a tuxedo
  • Buying a discount small screen television for your home theater room

I think you get my point — If you are investing serious time and resources into buying a state-of-the-art, luxury mattress from Tempur-Pedic or Stearns & Foster, then it just makes sense to buy the linens that match like those available from Malouf Fine Linens.

Otherwise, you’re not going to reap the full benefits of having such a fine mattress for your sleep needs. The less than high quality linens will substantially detract from the soft and luxurious experience.

Fine linens from Malouf provide a unique softness and a distinctively luxurious feel from using only 100% Egyptian cotton. Not only does the use of such fine materials promote a great feel, but it also provides great strength and the very low likelihood of any pilling. These top notch bedding products also feature a universal fit, which means there won’t be any massively frustrating struggle to put on the fitted sheet. This is because the pockets use a durable elastic that won’t slip off and are naturally deeper than most other fitted sheets.

Beyond the high end Egyptian cotton sheets, Malouf also offers fine linens available in other excellent materials like tencel, natural bamboo, and 90-gram microfiber. Although all of these products vary in cost, be rest assured that there are no sacrifices made in quality. Each product is made with a meticulously careful process and considered some of the finest available in its category.

The Back Store has four convenient locations in the St. Louis, MO area. We proudly feature Malouf Fine Linens, as well as several brands and styles of mattresses, beds, massage chairs, other fine linen brands, and more. Please visit our website, or stop by and see us at one of our stores for more information today.

Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Latex Mattresses

Why Should I Choose A Latex Mattress?

Mattresses are one of those necessary luxuries. We need a good night’s sleep to function during the day, and a good mattress contributes to that. So, when Stearns & Foster offers Latex Collection within their Grand Estate line, it behooves us to find out about them.

Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Latex Mattress, The Back Store, Mattresses In St. Louis MO

What Are Latex Mattresses

Unlike other Stearns & Foster mattresses the Grand Estate Latex Collection has no metal springs. The luxury latex core provides responsive support without the pressure that springs often cause. This Smart Latex® foam senses your body weight and conforms to your curves, yet remains compression-resistant

Physical Benefits Of Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses feel buoyant and uplifting, and Stearns and Foster provides 4 levels of firmness for you to choose from. The Lux Estate levels are Ultra Firm, Luxury Firm, Luxury Cushion Firm, and Luxury Plush. As you may guess, the plush is for folks who need softness with their support, and the Luxury Cushion and the Luxury Firm provide less stiff surface support.

Whichever level of firmness you pick, you will always have plenty of support from your mattress. Lux Estate latex mattresses will elevate your body evenly over the bed so that all your tired muscles are relieved of pressure, and you can sleep without pressing on your shoulder or hips. In fact, some latex mattress owners report significant back pain reduction.

The firmness of latex mattresses means that they are easy to move in. You can easily shift positions or spring out of bed. They also are pretty good about keeping motion localized, meaning that your partner can roll over without disturbing you.

Stearns and Foster adds to these comfort advantages with a silk and cashmere infused surface, called PrimaCool™ Quilt with OUTLAST®. This makes the mattress cool to the touch and works throughout the night to dissipate body heat, keeping you drier and cooler.

Health Benefits Of Latex Mattress

Latex is naturally hypoallergenic. It resists fungi, bacteria, mold and mildew. It also discourages mites as it is not hospitable to them. If you have allergies, a Stearns and Foster mattress can ensure that you are safe from allergens.

Lux Estate latex mattresses naturally stay clean, and the only things you need to remember to do in order to keep it pristine is occasionally rotate the bed and vacuum the mattress.

The Back Store is proud to be the exclusive retailer of Stearns & Foster Lux Estate latex mattresses in the St. Louis area. If you need a new mattress, come see our selection.

How to Choose The Best Mattress for Your Particular Sleep Issues

Sadly, some of us go to bed every night thinking, “If I could just get a good night’s sleep, I will feel so much better tomorrow.” Then, we wake up in the morning with a bad back, eyes still stinging, and a throbbing headache. Nope, nothing has changed and it’s usually because the mattress we are sleeping on simply won’t allow us to get a good night’s sleep. If this sounds like you, it may be time to think about purchasing a new mattress to help you get the much needed good night’s sleep your body needs. The following list contains a few things to keep in mind when trying to find the best mattress for your sleep issues.

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  • Just because a mattress is loaded with cooling technology and every other high tech feature doesn’t mean it is the best for your sleep issues. It also doesn’t necessarily matter if it’s the most expensive mattress on the market. Pay less attention to price and technology, while paying more attention to what simply feels right to you.
  • If you have neck and/or back pain, choose a mattress carefully. You will likely benefit most from a mattress that is not too hard, nor too soft. Usually something that is medium-firm to firm with a pillow top will align your spine most correctly with a pleasant balance of support and cushioning.
  • People suffering from such ailments such as COPD or GERD can sometimes benefit from an adjustable bed. Raising the head and upper torso area of the body just a little can assist in alleviating some of the symptoms of these conditions.
  • There are also mattresses that can be hypoallergenic. Whereas allergens can be almost impossible to completely remove from your environment, it is a good idea to eliminate as much of them as possible. Therefore, investigating a mattress with this technology might be a pretty good idea for people that suffer from some of the debilitating side effects of allergies.

The Back Store offers the largest selection of Temper-Pedic and Stearns & Foster mattresses, pillows, and accessories in the St. Louis, MO area. Please come see us today for expert help in finding you the best possible mattress for your needs.

Massage Chair Benefits

Most people have seen, or at least heard of, Osaki massage chairs.

Osaki massage chair, The Back Store,

They look pretty comfortable and sound pretty luxurious, and massages are well known for relaxing people. There are more solid reasons to get one of these massage chairs, too. Consider the following:

1. Massage when we need it. We all have busy, stressful days that practically require a deep massage. The problem is that you have to find a person to give you a massage, which is another stress factor on a day when all you want is a nap. An Osaki massage chair is in your favorite room when you want it, giving you all the benefits of a relaxing massage when you need it.

2. Osaki massage chairs can apply heat to your back. Heat can relax muscles and make sore backs feel better. A massage from a person can’t provide the sort of global heat to your sore muscles.

3. People tend to specialize in one type of massage. Osaki massage chairs can have all sorts of massaging techniques in one chair. There are 4 models, and just one of those models has 85 kinds of kneading techniques. Another has 6 massage styles that includes shiatsu, Swedish, and clapping. Others provide stretch massage.

4. It can reach every part of you at the same time. The chairs have cases for your legs that allow the chair to massage your legs, calves and feet. At the same time, it can rub your arms, neck and shoulder.

5. There is the Zero Gravity option. The Osaki massage chairs recline and take the pressure off of your back. The result is that the massage can go even deeper and make you even more relaxed.

6. You control the massage through remote controls. You can use the pre-set massage programs. You can control the intensity and speed of the massage. Some of the chairs come with MP3/iPod docking as well, and you can enjoy a massage with the music of your choice.

If you get stressed and need to relax, check out our Osaki massage chairs sometime.

The Ideal Way to Care for Loved Ones’ Spines

Tempurpedic® Adjustable Beds

At first glance, the human spine looks simple enough. In reality, the 26 bones and associated soft tissue are anything but simple. And accordingly, they require a great deal of care on our apart, even when we sleep. Otherwise one day, we could wake up facing a variety of avoidable health problems. How should people take care of their spines at night?

We recommend looking into Tempurpedic® adjustable beds. They come in at least four styles that are especially designed to address garden variety sleep problems. For example, do you get too hot at night? Does it make you kick off the covers and move around into positions that cause muscle strain? If so, the TEMPUR-Breeze® or TEMPUR-Cloud® may be the mattress for you.

Tempurpedic adjustable beds, The back store,TEMPUR-Breeze®

Made to fit Tempurpedic adjustable beds, their unique, collective designs address the exact situations we just described. The TEMPUR-Breeze® is perfect for people who experience hot flashes and the like. It boasts heat and moisture-wicking fabrics, which are combined with supportive features to create the ideal sleeping environment. The latter mattress does the same but tends to run from medium to ultra soft in texture, which brings us to another point.

Tempurpedic® adjustable beds, mattresses and other sleep essentials are meant to be customized. This is important because not all back problems are eased by firm mattresses. As such, in order to stay comfortable throughout the night some folks may need different strength mattresses. They may also need to raise or lower certain sections of the bed to adjust pressure on various parts of their spinal columns.

To learn more about these two types of premium mattresses and others that work with Tempurpedic® adjustable beds, please contact The Back Store. We excel at pairing people living with sleep problems to the best adjustable beds and accessories possible.

What You Should Know About Zoned Dough® Aromatherapy Pillows

If you are not using a pillow that offers the correct support for your neck and head, you can wake up with a range of discomforts — neck pain, headache, backache, and shoulder pain just to name a few. Zoned Dough® Aromatherapy pillows are made to offer the proper support to your head and neck, as well as wonderful aromatherapy scents to help you relax and sleep.

All of our Zoned Dough Aromatherapy pillows cradle the head and give just the right amount of support to your neck. They also come with a Breathable Tencel mesh cover so that moisture and temperature levels remain regulated. Keeping your pillow’s temperature cool can help support a restful night’s sleep, versus sleeping on one that is too warm and becomes uncomfortable during the night.

There are three aromatherapy scents that you can choose from for your Zoned Dough pillow. Let’s take a look at each scent, and the qualities they offer:

  • Peppermint – This scent is used for relaxation, clear breathing, and clarity of mind. It also has antimicrobial aspects.
  • Lavender – For many years, the smell of lavender has been used to promote a calm, relaxed state of mind. It can also help you reach a restful and deep level of sleep.
  • Chamomile – Like lavender, chamomile has also been used for many years for its soothing qualities. It helps to promote restful sleep and relaxation.

Each of our Zoned Dough pillows will come already infused with the scent of your choice. You will also receive an additional spritzer of oil in that same fragrance to use for refreshing the smell whenever you feel it may be dissipating.

Sleep is so very important to our everyday health and well-being. It can affect our ability to problem solve, retain information, recall information, and to react quickly to dangerous situations. Knowing that you are getting the best sleep possible is a comfort in itself, and feeling the results of quality sleep can be refreshing and invigorating. Having the right pillow can make all the difference in the world.

March is Your Month for a New Mattress: 50% OFF FLOOR SAMPLE

Sleep studies have shown time and time again that the hours your body spends in REM sleep are critically important to your overall health. The studies have not promised a disease free life when you get great sleep, but they have shown a link between lack of good sleep and health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.

Your mattress holds the key to comfortable sleep and sweet dreams. But how do you know when it’s time to purchase a new one?  Check out a few of the signs that signal the time is near.

Inspect your mattress. Does it have dips and sags? Do you roll towards the center when you really do not intend to?

Do you awaken feeling tired and achy?

Perhaps you look forward to a trip away from home, hoping wherever you are staying will provide a great nights rest.

There is no need to shy away from shopping for a new mattress. We understand it is an investment not taken lightly and there are so many options it can be confusing.

March is your month to check out The Back Store and find your new night’s rest at a great price. We are offering a March special of 50% OFF FLOOR SAMPLES. (WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!)

We can help you make the best choice for a quality nights rest that will leave you feeling energized and ready for the day ahead. Come by and talk with out professional staff and allow them to answer your questions.

You don’t have to have even one more night of restless sleep or one more morning of aching muscles.